Humphry Rant

Humphry Rant was one of the two men on the losing (Yellow or Whig) side of the 1754 election for Bailiff of Ipswich that saw John Gravenor elected. Rant was an Ipswich lawyer about whom I know very little. He was born about 1709, the son of William Rant, rector of Bunwell in Norfolk, and went to Botesdale School. Following in the family footsteps, he attended Caius College in Cambridge, graduating in 1730. He then went to the Middle Temple for legal training and was called to the Bar in 1736. He was one of the two Portmen on the Committee investigating the Ipswich Charities, whose work Richard Canning reported. He was elected Bailiff of Ipswich six times, and ended up as Recorder in 1776. He married Mary Life and died at Dickleburgh in Norfolk in 1779.

According to Venn’s Biographical history of Gonville and Caius College, “He got into trouble for his opinions when a student, being rusticated, and required (June 3 1727), together with R. Fuller, `to make a public recantation’, and to translate into Latin the first two of Tillotson’s sermons”.

He subscribed to both Kirby’s Historical Account and his Method of Perspective.

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