Duke of Norfolk

The Earl of Effingham wasn’t the only Howard Kirby obtained as a subscriber to the Twelve Prints, he also had the Duke of Norfolk himself. The Duke of Norfolk was not only the leading Howard, but the premier Duke in England, and also hereditary Earl Marshal. The relevant Duke for Kirby was Edward Howard, 9th Duke of Norfolk (1686—1777). The principal seat of the Dukes of Norfolk is Arundel Castle, but it was not always their favorite home.

Arundel Castle

The 9th Duke grew up abroad, returning to England only when his brother died in 1732 and he inherited the title. His wife, Mary Blount preferred Worksop Manor and renovated it extensively, although it later burned down.

A later view of Worksop manor

The Duke and Duchess also spent a lot of time in London, rebuilding connections with the royal family (the previous Duke had supported the Jacobites in 1715) and building a lavish town residence, Norfolk House. When Frederick, Prince of Wales married to Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha and had a falling out with King George II, the Norfolks offered him the use of their house and he lived there for several years. George III was born there. The house was pulled down in 1938, but the Music Room was saved for the V&A. For more on Norfolk House, pop over here.

Norfolk House Music Room

The Duchess had here portrait painted several times. Here is the one by William Hoare from the 1730s.

Mary Howard (Blount), Duchess of Norfolk

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