Viscount Hereford

Another of Kirby’s titled subscribers to the Historical Account was the Viscount Hereford. In Kirby’s case, this was Price Devereux, 10th Viscount Hereford (1694—1748). He was MP for Montgomeryshire (in Wales) from 1719 until he inherited the title on his father’s death in 1740 and was an ardent Tory. According to the History of Parliament site, he voted “against the Administration in all recorded divisions until he became a peer”.

At first blush he might not seem an obvious candidate for a subscriber. However, there were links to Suffolk, as we saw with the “Unqualitied Persons” post. In 1720, he married a cousin, Elizabeth Martin, who brought him Christchurch Mansion in Ipswich, although he sold it in 1735 after she died.

When his wife died, she was buried at Sudbourne as the Devereux family also held manors at Sudbourne, Orford and Earl Soham. In some documents of the 1730s, he is listed as living at Sudbourne Hall, now lost, and he also owned the rather splendid Orford Castle.

Sudbourne Hall

He remarried in 1740, to Eleanor Price, a Welsh woman, shortly before his father died, but he never had any children, and on his own death in 1748, the year that Kirby’s book came out, the title passed to a distant relative and the Suffolk estates were sold off.

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