William Leman

William Leman subscribed to Kirby’s Historical Account. The Lemans were an old and well-established Suffolk family, with a main seat at Brampton. William Leman (1704—1789) himself was a lawyer, and lived at Beccles, but he was buried at Brampton. William was the eldest son of William Leman and Elizabeth Starling (or Sterling), who was presumably related to the Elizabeth Starling who married Samuel Pallant in 1739. William married a cousin, Sarah Leman. Sarah’s brother, Robert, was High Sheriff of Suffolk in 1744, and his wife was Mary, the daughter of the excellently-named Nunn Prettyman of Laxfield and brother of Nunn Prettyman, Rector of Brampton, whose patron was the Lemans.

William and Sarah had three daughters, and when the last of Robert Leman’s children died in 1807, it was one of their grandsons, Naunton Thomas Orgill, Rector of Brampton, who inherited the property, and took the Leman family name.


5 thoughts on “William Leman

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  2. Chris Prevost

    I think Nunn Pretyman, the Rector of Brampton, was Mary’s brother, as he was born around 1710. Their father was also called Nunn. See: Alumni Cantabrigienses, a biographical list of all known students, Vol I.

    1. dmelville2012 Post author

      Good call. Thank you very much for the comment. You are correct and I have amended the post.
      [For anyone reading this later, I had originally said that Mary was the daughter of Nunn Prettyman the Rector of Brampton.]

  3. Gommie

    A tad more detail if I may – Tyrell Pretyman (1643-1726) and Elizabeth Nunn (c1648-1685) married in 1672 ih Flesham Suff and had 5 x children – one being son Dr Nunn Pretyman (c1682-1746) who m. Anne Roos of Reide. Their dau was the Mary Pretyman (1704-1762) you mention, who m. Robert Leman (1704-1788). Nunn Pretyrman and Anne Roos also had son Rev Nunn Pretyman (1707-1793)…..AND I must also mention another son named (Dr) Robert Pretyman (1717-1801) of Wingfield Caslte, Wingfield….my 6th grt grandfather.
    Best, Gommie


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