A Mystery Box

Reader Gina sends in these pictures of a painted antique wooden box in her possession. Because of the signature, she thinks it may have been painted by, or associated with, John or Joshua Kirby, but there is no detailed provenance. I have not seen or heard a description of any similar item and we would welcome any comments or hints people may have.

2 thoughts on “A Mystery Box

    1. gina

      Gainesville thank you for your input on my compact … I have been doing research for the last eight months, and have a New York Muesum helping me ….. I know that John Kirby had I believe eleven children …. Might have to find the names of them … but you say it doesn’t look like Kirby ? I have been seeing Kirby since I thought I deciphered Kirby … the plot thickens !! I am going to look at it tomorrow and see if I can see the letters you are seeing . Thank you for your input 🙂


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