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Catherine Jacomb

The wedding of Catherine Jacomb and Theodore Eccleston in April 1746 was a fine occasion.  Widely reported in the papers, here is the account from the London Evening Post:

Theodore Eccleston, of Crowfield in the County of Suffolk, Esq; was marry’d at Mortlake, to Miss Kitty Jacomb, of Ipswich, a Lady of great Merit, and a handsome Fortune.  The Ceremony was perform’d by the Rev. Mr. Arnold, and the Bride was led to Church by John Anstis, Esq; Garter Principal King at Arms, attended by several Gentlemen and Ladies.

A son, named Theodore, was born in 1747 and the family doubtless held out hope for a great future.  Sadly, it was not to be.  Catherine died in 1748; her young son followed in 1751, and Theodore Eccleston died in January 1753.

Catherine Jacomb was the daughter of Samuel Jacomb (1685—1757) and Flora Green (1683—1765).  Samuel and Flora appear to have had at least four children, but the others all vanish without trace and it is possible that Catherine was the only one to survive to adulthood.  Her father was a younger son of a large and flourishing London family of merchants and bankers – one brother was an MP and close to Sir Robert Walpole. Samuel Jacomb was a long-time Collector of Customs in Ipswich as well as a wine merchant (one feels these two activities may have gone well together), having before been Collector of Customs at Wisbech and Great Yarmouth. As well as collecting customs, Samuel Jacomb was an enthusiastic collector of books, and among them he subscribed to the first edition of Joshua Kirby’s Method of Perspective.