The Sparkler

Another letter of Alexander Bayne, written in 1713, is on a happier note:

You may remember, I had a cousin and friend, that, two years ago, came to see me, and stayed some time in Lincoln’s Inn. With this gentleman, you must know, I have had a very long, constant, and warm friendship; and, you’ll readily imagine, he was at Edinburgh to meet me upon my arrival there. The next morning we contrived to be together tête à tête, when he, who has devoted himself to a single life, took occasion to complain to me how much he suffered by my absence, and how joyless even his rural amusements, and one of the prettiest country-seats of his, were to him, while I had no share therein, wishing withal, as he had done two years ago, that I could think of leaving England, find out a proper mate for myself, and come and live with him. You cannot doubt but these warm solicitations of so dear a friend made a very deep impression on me. A few hours after, I chanced to go to pay my respects to this gentleman’s mother, whom I found at a tea-table with her three daughters: the Sparkler very soon caught my eye; for having known her when she was a girl, and then a great favorite of mine, I had an elegant satisfaction in observing that she was now what she then promised to be. In short, I soon found myself so much hers, and she being so nearly related to my friend, that I could not but think that Providence had contrived to make this proposal effectual.  I gave into it, and matters are as far advanced as decency could permit in so short a time.

Reader, she married him.

The letter was reprinted in: J. Duncombe, Letters by several eminent persons deceased … with notes explanatory and historical, 2 vols. (1772)

5 thoughts on “The Sparkler

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  2. cmmelv

    I’m glad things started to look up for him. I got really worried when, on Facebook, you wrote that he “met his match.”

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