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Pigs ‘N Beer

April 15, 1778: We breakfasted, dined, supped and slept again at home.  Brewed a vessel of strong Beer today. My two large Piggs, by drinking some Beer grounds taking out of one of my Barrels today, got so amazingly drunk by it, that they were not able to stand and appeared like dead things almost, and so remained all night from dinner time today. I never saw Piggs so drunk in my life, I slit their ears for them without feeling.

April 16: We breakfasted, dined, supped and slept again at home.  My 2 Piggs are still unable to walk yet, but they are better than they were yesterday.  They tumble about the yard and can by no means stand at all steady yet. In the afternoon my 2 Piggs were tolerably sober.


The diary of James Woodforde (1740—1803), an otherwise unremarkable country parson, is justly celebrated for its detailed picture of rural life in the late 18th century. The first extracts were published in the 1920s, edited by John Beresford, and a complete edition (in 17 volumes) was published by the Parson Woodforde Society. This quote is taken from the first volume of the Beresford edition.