Office of Works and Kew

In 1761 Joshua Kirby and his son William were appointed Joint Clerks of the Works and Storekeepers at Richmond and Kew, a position they held until their respective deaths. On this page are gathered links to the various posts on people and topics associated to the Office of Works, Kew and Richmond.

  1. Clerk of the Works at Richmond and Kew.
  2. Eighteenth-Century Salaries.
  3. Joseph Phillips (Labourer in Trust at Kew).
  4. Office of Works: Departmental Appointments (contents of WORK 6/9).
  5. The Structure of the Office of Works.
  6. Personnel of the Office of Works (Principal office holders during Kirby’s time).
  7. Namier on Finch (Henry Finch, Surveyor-General 1743-1760).
  8. Thomas Worsley (Surveyor-General 1760-1778).
  9. Henry Flitcroft (Comptroller 1758-1769).
  10. Stephen Wright (Deputy Surveyor-General 1758-1780).
  11. Structure of the Board of Ordnance.
  12. William Oram (Master Carpenter).
  13. Cost of Paper (Office of Works contract prices for stationery).
  14. Painters (Office of Works contract prices for painting).
  15. Thomas Worsley’s Letters Patent.
  16. George Warren, Carpenter at Kew.
  17. Thomas Howlett, Bricklayer (Master Bricklayer to Office of Works).
  18. Joseph Pratt, Bricklayer (Master Bricklayer to Office of Works).
  19. Kemble Whatley, Carpenter.