John Kirby’s Suffolk Coats of Arms

John Kirby’s 1736 map of Suffolk was embellished with 129 coats of arms of local nobility, clergy and gentry.  Here is the list, in the order they are presented on the map.

To the High Puissant and most Noble Prince, Charles Duke of Grafton, Earl of Euston & Arlington Viscount Ipswich Baron of Sudbury, Ld. Chamberlain of His Majesty’s Household Ld. Lieutenant & Custos Rotulorum of the County of Suffolk, one of His Majesty’s most Honble Privy Council & Kt of the most Noble Order of the Garter this Actual Survey of ye said County is most humbly dedicated by his Grace’s most Obedt & most Humble Servt John Kirby

Earl of Rochford

Earl of Strafford

Earl of Bristol

Viscount Hereford

Lord Cornwallis

Lord Lynn

Robt Ld Bishop of Norwich

Ld. Chief Baron Reynolds

Sr Edmund Bacon Bt.

Sr. Thomas Hanmer Bt.

Sr. John Barker Bt.

Sr. John Playters Bt.

Sr. Francis Mannock Bt.

Sr. William Spring Bt.

Sr. Robt. Kemp Bt.

Sr. Jasper Cullum Bt

Sr. Havey Elwes Bt.

Sr. John Rous Bt.

Sr. Philip Parker Long Bt.

Sr. Thos. Gage Bt.

Sr. Saml. Barnardiston Bt

Sr. Roger Martin Bt.

Sr. Willm. Barker Bt

Sr. Thos. Robinson Bt.

Sr. Jermyn Davers Bt.

Sr. Charles Blois Bt.

Sr. Cordel Firebrace Bt.

Sr. Thos. Allin Bt.

Sr. Sydenham Fowke Kt.

Gilbert Affleck Esq

Waldegrave Alexander Esq

Joseph Alston Esq

Philip Bacon Esq

Lewis Barlow Esq

Arthur Barnardiston Esq

Alexander Bence Esq

Thomas Betts Esq

Thomas Bishop DD

Barrington Blomfield DD

William Bohun MD

Henry Jermyn Bond Esq

Philip Brewster Esq

Philip Broke Esq

William Bryan Esq

Anthony Burward Esq

John Canham Esq

John Carter AM

James Carter AM

Thomas Carthew Esq

Jacob Chilton AM

Roger Cook Esq

John Corrance Esq

Frederick Cotton Gent

George Dashwood Esq

Thomas Davers Esq

James D’Oyley AM

Thomas Discipline Esq

Christopher Echard AM

William Edgar Esq

Robert Edgar Esq

Mileson Edgar Esq

John Eldred Esq

John Ellis Esq

Edward Eure Esq

—- Fairfax Gt.

Thomas Fonnereau Esq

Edward Frere Esq

Richard Godbold AM

George Golding Esq

John Goodrich Gt.

Robert Hamny Gent

Joseph Hankey Esq

John Heigham Esq

Arthur Heigham Esq

Rowland Holt Esq

Tobias Hunt Esq

Thomas Hodges Esq

Robert Jenny Esq

Edmund Jenny Esq

Henry Johnston LLD

Ambrose Kedington Esq

Roger Kedington Gent

Charles Kelligrew Esq

Samuel Kent Esq

Thomas Knapp Gent

Baptist Lee Esq

William Leman Esq

Suckling Leman Esq

Robert Leybourn DD

Richard Lloyd Esq

Charles Long Esq

Thomas Martin Gent

John Moore Esq

Richard Mosely Esq

William Naunton Esq

Dudley North Esq

Thomas Norton Esq

Pitt Esq

Robert Plampin Esq

Walter Plumer Esq

Richard Powys Esq

Baron Pretyman Esq

Samuel Prime Esq

Hugh Radcliffe Gent

William Rewse Esq

John Sayer BD

Charles Scrivener Esq

Charles Smyth Esq

Samuel Smyth Gent

Stephen Soame Esq

James Sturgeon Gent

Dye Syer Gent

Richard Tasburgh Esq

Edmundn Tyrell Esq

Gerard Van Heythuysen Esq

Edward Vernon Esq

John Warcy Gent

Richard Webb Esq

Thomas Vere Esq

David Wilkins DD

William Wilkinson Gent

John Wild Gent

Thomas Wingfield Gent

William Wolaston Esq

John Woodroffe Gent

Hunn Wyard Gent

James Wyard Gent

6 thoughts on “John Kirby’s Suffolk Coats of Arms

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      1. dmelville2012 Post author

        I should have been quicker on this one. These are the arms of Sir Thomas Medowe (d. 1688) of Great Yarmouth, multiple times bailiff. He died without male issue; his daughter Anne died unmarried in 1708, and his other daughter Frances married Thomas Hayes of Cradfield in Suffolk. Sir Thomas was a son of another Thomas, who had moved to Yarmouth from Witnesham, They were relations of Lucy Meadows, who married Kirby’s brother William. For more on the career and a picture of the arms of Sir Thomas Medowe, see Palmer, Charles John, “The Perlustration of Great Yarmouth, with Gorleston and Southtown”, 1872, pp. 153–159.

  2. Mrs Joan Freeman

    It would appear you have omitted J Freeman Gent from the list of arms quoted on this web site? – between Frere and Fonnereau.


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