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St. Matthew’s Ipswich

The church of St. Matthew’s in Ipswich is the resting place of many Ipswich worthies, including a number of Kirby’s subscribers. Formerly, it had `the largest churchyard in Suffolk’, although this is now much reduced, and the church has been extended and remodeled since the 18th century.

The church contains a rare medieval font, described here.

In the 1870s and 1880, Rev. Francis Haslewood, then Rector of St. Matthew’s, occupied his leisure time in recording all the monuments of the parish and had the results privately published (price 7 shillings). Although probably never a best-seller it did garner 120 subscribers, and Google has now rescued it from obscurity.

The Kirby subscribers buried here include:

Christopher Barry, d. 1759;

Thomas Coggeshall, d. 1768;

Robert Milner, d. 1763;

John Preston, d. 1760;

Henry Skinner, d. 1749, and

Michael Thirkle, d. 1766, one of the Portmen and Bailiffs of Ipswich, and another important figure in the 1750s political turmoil.

Haslewood, Rev. Francis, (1884) The Monumental Inscriptions in the Parish of Saint Matthew.