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Just Resting

Along with the regular run of politics, murders, fire, and robberies, the newspapers liked to carry the odd color story. Here is one from the Ipswich Journal of December 1728 you might like.

On Tuesday last, a dead Parrot of a Lady in Rose-Street, after lying in State some time, was put into the Ground, with great Solemnity, in the Pall-Mall, in a Place constantly kept by the said Lady, for the Interment of Birds, Dogs, &c. No Cost was spar’d in the Procession, the Attendants on Poll to her last Home, having Crapes, Gloves, &c, bestowed on them; and the Lady was condol’d with, suitable to so great a Loss.

The solemnity of the report was perhaps slightly marred by the ‘m’ of Solemnity being printed upside-down, although I have no idea how accidental or intentional that was.