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Philips Colman

Philips Colman subscribed to Kirby’s Historical Account. He was a substantial Ipswich gentleman, and elected High Sheriff of Suffolk in 1746. Unfortunately, I know little about him. He was born about 1710 and died in 1779, presumably the offspring of Francis Coleman and Elizabeth Phillips, who married in Ipswich in 1709. He attended Cambridge, married Elizabeth Montagu, and is buried with the Philips family in Ipswich. He was a Portman of Ipswich and his father, Francis Colman was bailiff of Ipswich several times. Francis Colman left some property to charity when he died, and this is probably behind the fact that Philips Colman subscribed for six copies of Canning’s Ipswich Legacies. In the Ipswich Journal he appears frequently in relation to letting and selling farms and buildings, but not a lot otherwise.