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A Century of Conflict

The European Great Powers of the eighteenth century managed to involve themselves in a great number of extensive conflicts of long duration. Here is a selected list, ignoring minor wars and those primarily against the Ottoman Empire and points further east. I have included links to the relevant Wikipedia pages for any readers who want to know more about the causes and consequences of each conflict.

1700—1721    Great Northern War

Russia, Poland, and Denmark vs. Sweden.

1701—1713    War of Spanish Succession

King of Spain dies with no heir.

England, Dutch Republic, Holy Roman Empire vs. France and Spain.

1718—1720    Quadruple Alliance

Britain, Dutch Republic, France, Austria vs. Spain.

1727—1729    Spanish-British War

Britain vs. Spain. Features blockade of Gibraltar.

1739—1748    War of Jenkins’ Ear

Britain vs. Spain. After 1742 included in next war.

1740—1748    War of Austrian Succession

Can Maria Theresa succeed to Habsburg rule?

Prussia, Bavaria, Spain and France vs. Austria, Britain, Dutch Republic, Sardinia.

1754—1763    French and Indian War

Britain vs. France. North American theater of Seven Years’ war, but it got started earlier.

1756—1763    Seven Years’ War

Britain, Prussia, Spain vs. France, Austria. Russia starts out with Austria and later switches sides.

Due to European colonies, possessions, and extensive trade routes, first global conflict.

1776—1783    American War of Independence

Colonists, France vs. Britain.

1789-1799    French Revolution

French vs. French.

1792—1815    Napoleonic Wars

Napoleon vs. Everybody.