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Rev. John Bullen

John Bullen was a subscriber to Kirby’s Historical Account.

The Rev. Mr. John Bullen (c. 1712—1774) was ordained Deacon in 1736 and Priest in 1738. His first appointment was as Rector of Newbourne in Suffolk, a post that had been earlier held by Robert Hingestone. The patron was Thomas Western, Esq, himself also a subscriber.

Newbourne St. Mary’s

Rev. Bullen retained his position at Newbourne until his death in 1774, adding to it the livings of Rector of Kennet, just over the border into Cambridgeshire, and Vicar of Rushmere, taking over from Rev. Richard Canning, both in 1756.

While John Bullen lived the quiet life of a country vicar in Kennet, his (second) son Joseph went to sea and had a vigorous and illustrious career in the Navy. He fought in the Caribbean during the American War of Independence, served with Nelson on the Agamemnon (as did William Bolton – I’ll leave it to the naval historians to determine if they were on the ship at the same time), he was 69 times under fire, retired to land, and lived to the ripe old age of 96 as Admiral Bullen.