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Trading Livings

Advowson and presentation was the right to nominate a person to a vacancy in a parish in England, subject to the approval of the bishop. Appointment as a vicar, deacon, or curate, could be for life and could be a valuable position. The resources available to such livings varied enormously, but many clergy could live quite comfortably off their parish lands. The right of advowson was tradable and was often bought by someone with a son who needed a living.

In the Ipswich Journal of June 15 1850 appeared the following announcement.

The incumbent was William Kirby, and he died on July 4 1850.

I do not know how much the advowson went for, but the next rector was John Schreiber, son of William F. Schreiber of Ipswich, on presentation by his father in September 1850.