Subscribers to Method of Perspective, 2e

“N.B. Those whose Names mark’d thus * are Members of the Academy of Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, &c in London.”


Sir Thomas Allen, Bart.

Nathaniel Acton, Esq;

Mr. George Adams, Mathematical-Instrument-Maker

Mr. David Adkinson

Mr. William Aldrich

*Mr. Allen, Painter

Mr. Richard Allick, Painter

Mr. Henry Anderson

Mr. Thomas Arling

Mr. H. Atkinson

Mr. James Audley.


Right Hon. Earl of Bute

John Bagnall, Esq.

William Baintun, Esq.

Mr. Andrew Baldrey, Painter

Mr. John Banks

Mr. T. Bardwell, Painter

Miles Barne, Esq;

Mr. John Barnard, Ship-builder

Mr. Christopher Barry

*Mr. James Basire, Engraver

Mr. R. Bateman, Painter

Mr. W. Bathurst

John Battie, Esq.

Mr. John Bayley, Engraver

The Rev. Mr. Charles Beaumont

Mr. James Bencraft

Mr. John Bennet, Mathematical-Instrument-Maker

The Rev. Mr. Ralph Blois

Mr. William Blois

*Mr. Jacob Bonneau, Drawing-Master, 6 Books

Botesdale Book-Club

Mr. Thomas Bowell

Mr. George Bowling, Mason

Mr. Edward Bowman

The Rev. P. Bracebridge, D.D.

Mr. Bernard Broadbelt

Mr. Richard Brompton, Painter

Philip Broke, Esq.

Rev. Mr. John Broke

Mr. Wm. Browne, Architect

Mr. John Browne

Mr. Joseph Browne

Mr. Daniel Browne

Mr. Nathaniel Bucke

Mr. John Burrel

James Burrough, Esq, F.R.S.

Mr. William Butcher, Engraver

Robert Butler, Esq;

The Rev. Mr. Robert Buxton

Mrs. Ann Buxton


Turner Calvert, Esq;

The Rev. Mr. Richard Canning

Mr. William Castleton

The Rev. Mr. Philip Carter

The Rev. Mr. Samuel Carter

*Mr. Thomas Carter, Statuary

*Mr. Charles Catton, Painter

*Mr. Wm Cazal, Drawing-master

Richard Charlton, Esq;

*Mr. Charles Cheere

The Rev. Mr. Christian

The Rev. Mr. Church

Mr. George church, Bricklayer

John Clarke, Esq;

Mr. William Clarke

Mr. William Clarke

Mr. Samuel Cleverly

The Rev. Mr. Henry Close

Mr. Robert Clowes

Mr. Butler Clowes, Engraver

The Rev. Mr. John Clubb

*Mr. Francis Coates, Painter

Thomas Coggeshall, Esq;

*Mr. William Collins, Statuary

Mr. William Collingwood

Mr. John Cooke

Mr. Joseph Cooper, jun. Painter

Mr. John Cooper, jun.

Mr. T. Coopley

The Rev. Mr. Daniel Copland

Mr. Henry Copland, Engraver

Mr. John Cornish, Painter

Mr. William Craighton

Mr. Edward Crane, Painter

Mr. Richard Crawley

Philip Crespigny, Esq;


The Right Hon. Earl of Dysart

John Dade, Esq;

Dr. William Dade

*Mr. Richard Dalton, Painter

Sir Francis Dashwood, Bart.

Mr. Eleazer Davy

James Dawkins, Esq;

Henry Dawson, L.L.D.

Mr. Richard Dawson, Painter

Mr. R. Deard

Peter Delme, Esq;

Robert Delton, Esq;

Mr. Arthur Devis, Painter

Mr. Robert Dingley

Mr. P. Dixon

*Mr. John Donowell, Architect

Mr. F. Drummond


Theodore Ecclestone, Esq;

*Mr. John Eccardt, Painter

Mileson Edgar, Esq;

Robert Edgar, Esq;

Mr. G.L. Edwards

Mr. George Elliott

Mr. Robert Ellison

Mr. William Elsden, Carver

Mr. J. Etty

Mr. T. Evans.


Sir Cordel Firebrace, Bart.

Mr. Andrew Ferguson

Mr. Joseph Finley

Mr. Thomas Finley, Architect

Mr. Zachariah Fiske, Painter

Mr. William Fokard

Mr. Ingham Foster

The Rev. Mr. Richard Fowller

Mr. George Fowley

Mr. Richard Francklin

Mr. J. Francklin

Mr. William Franks

Mr. M. Freake

Cha. Frederick, Esq; Surveyor General of his Majesty’s Board of Ordnance.


Sir Thomas Gooch, Bart.

*Mr. Thomas Gainsborough, Painter

Mr. Thomas Gardner

Mr. James Gillingham

Mr. G. Glynn

Mr. John Gorham

Mr. John Gravenor

The Hon. Col. Gray

Mr. James Green, Engraver

*Mr. Charles Grignion, Engraver

Joseph Grove, Esq;

*Mr. John Gwyn, Architect


Mr. Hailstone

Mr. Gavin Hamilton, Painter

Mr. Hamilton, Architect

Mr. William Hammond

Mr. William Hammond

Mr. Hammond, Painter

Mr. Hannan, Painter

Robert Harland, Esq;

Mr. Josiah Harris

Mr. Canham Hart

Mr. William Havard

*Mr. Francis Hayman, Painter

*Mr. Richard Hayward, Statuary

Mr. Nathaniel Hedges

Mr. Thomas Henderly

The Hon. Nicholas Herbert, Esq;

The Rev. Mr. Thomas Hewett

Mr. Joshua Highmore, Painter

Mr. Edward Highmoor

Mr. John Hingeston

The Rev. Mr. Robert Hingeston

The Rev. Mr. Peter Hingeston

Benjamin Hoadley, M.D.

Mr. William Hoare, Painter

*Mr. Hogarth, Painter, 6 Books

Rowland Holt, Esq;

*Mr. Nathaniel Hone, Painter

Mr. Peter Houltum, Painter

The Rev. Mr. Henry Hubbard, Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge

Mr. Thomas Hudson, Painter

Mr. Hunt.


Mr. Samuel Jacomb

Mr. Jeffreys

Mr. R. Ingham

Mr. Thomas Jolly

Mr. Owen Jones

Henry Isaacs, Esq;

Mr. Richard Jupp, jun

Mr. Batholomew Justinier


Sir, John Kemp, Bart.

*Mr. William Keable, Painter, 3 Books

Samuel Kent, Esq;

Mr. Samuel Kilderbee

Mr. Dover Kilderbee

Mr. William Kirby

Mr. Knapton, Painter


Sir James Lowther, Bart.

Sir Richard Lloyd, Knt.

Mr. George Lambert, Painter

Mr. J.P. Lamborn

Mrs. Lancaster

Mr. Robert Lane

Mr. Robert Larwood

Robert Leman, Esq;

Offley Lewis, Esq;

Mr. William Leslie

Library of Catherine Hall Cambridge

Library of Corpus Christi College Cambridge

Library of Emmanuel College Cambridge

Library of Jesus College Cambridge

Library of St. Peter’s College Cambridge

Library of Trinity College Cambridge

Mr. Littleton

Richard Savage Lloyd, Esq;

The Rev. Roger Long, D.D. Master of Pembroke Hall, Lowndes’s Professor of Astronomy, and F.R.S.

Mr. J Lovatt

William Lynch, Esq;


Right Hon. Lord Viscount Middleton

*Mr. Robert Maberly, Painter

*Mr. James M’Ardell, Engraver, 2 Books

*Mr. Thomas Major, 2 Books

Mr. Jonathan Mallet

Mr. G. Manning

Mr. John Manning

Mr. Marquand, Architect

Mr. Marquois

Mr. Marsden

Mr. Thomas Martin, F.R.S.

Mr. Joseph Martyr

The Rev. Charles Mason, D.D. Senior Fellow of Trinity Coll. and Woodwardian Lecturer of the University of Cambridge

The Rev. Mr. Masterman

Mr. John Meadowe

John Middlemore, Esq;

Mr. Charles Middleton, Chaser

*Mr. J.S. Müller, Engraver

Mr. T. Miller

Robert Milner, Esq;

— Montague, Esq;

Mr. T. Moore

Mr. James Morris

Mr. Benjamin Morris

*Mr. G.M. Moser, Chaser, 2 Books

Mr. Thomas Mulliner

Hutchenson Mure, Esq;


The Right Rev. Lord Bishop of Norwich

The Hon. Richard Savage Nassau, Esq;

*Mr. F.M. Newton, Painter

Mr. Nichols

Mr. Edward Nickson

Mr. Robert Stiles Norman


Robert Oneby, Esq;

Mr. John Oldfield, Writing-Master

Mr. Thomas Osborne, Bookseller


Mr. Thomas Paddington

*Mr. James Paine, Architect

Mr. John Palgrave

Mr. Thomas Palmer, Plaisterer

Mr. John Parsons

Mr. Robert Parsons, Carver

Mr. Francis Patton, Engraver

Mr. Thomas Patty, Carver

Mr. Pennie, Painter

Mr. R. Pennison

Mr. Francis Perry

Mr. F. Peters

Mr. A. Pond, F.R.S.

Mr. Peter Pullyn

Mr. Robert Pyle, Painter


His Grace the Duke of Queensbury


His Grace the Duke of Rutland

Sir John Rous, Bart.

*Mr. Benjamin Radcliffe

Humphry Rant, Esq;

Mr. John Redgrave, Architect

The Rev. Mr. William Reeve

Mr. E. Reeves, Carver

*Mr. Joshua Renolds, Painter

Mr. Nicholas Revett

Mr. William Richards

Mr. Richards, Painter

*Mr. Peter Roberts, Chaser

*Mr. Edward Rooker, Engraver

Mr. J. Rose, Plaisterer

*Mr. F.L. Roubiliac, Statuary

Capt. Robert Rowning

The Rev. Mr. Tobias Rustatt


Mr. Thomas Sanby, Draughtsman to his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland

Mr. P. Sanby

*Mr. Samuel Scott, Painter

Mr. Scullard

Mr. Seldon

Mr. Seton, Engraver

*Mr. Seton, jun.

*John Shackleton, Esq; Principal Painter to his Majesty

John Sheppard, Esq;

Mr. Robert Sherman

Mr. George Silverside

Mr. John Simmons, Painter

Mr. John Simpson

Mr. Thomas Singleton, Carver

Mr. John Slarke, Painter

Mr. Henry Smart

The Rev. Mr. Justice Smith

Robert Sparrow, Esq;

Thomas Staunton, Esq;

Mr. Stuart, Painter

Mr. Stevens

Mr. Stevens

Mr. Luke Sullivan, Engraver, 4 Books

Mr. John Swan, Bookseller, 6 Books


The Right Hon. Lord Talbot

Major Taylor

The Hon. Horace Townshend

Philip Thicknesse, Esq;

Michael Thirkle, Esq;

Mr. R. Trevor

Mr. Samuel Trew

Mr. N. Tucker, Painter


The Right Hon. Lord Villieres

The Hon. Edward Vernon, Esq;

E. Venn, M.D.

The Rev. Mr. Edward Ventris,

Mrs. Sarah Unett

Mr. Urell

Mr. T. Urling


*Mr. Sam. Wale, Painter, 4 Books

Mr. Charles Walford

Mr. William Walford

*Mr. A. Walker, Engraver

John Warburton, Esq; Somerset Herald, and F.R.S.

Mr. Francis Warden, Plaisterer

Justly Watson, Esq; Engineer

Mr. Weecks

— Western, Esq;

Mr. Wieland, Chaser

*Mr. Benjamin Wilson, Painter and F.R.S. 4 Books

Robert Wilson, Esq; Grays-Inn

Mr. R. Wilson

*The Rev. Mr. James Wills

Mr. Wolfe, Architect

Mr. Joseph Wood, Engraver

Mr. John Woods

Mr. James Worsdale, Master Painter to his Majesty’s Board of Ordnance

Mr. Thomas Wright

William Wyndham, Esq;


*Mr. Yeo, Engraver, 2 Books

Mr. R. Young.

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